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Stay updated with all the latest B&R milestones as we continue to grow and serve you with efficiency and excellence. Thanks.

January 11, 2016

A huge congratulations to the team of B&R on winning a Platinum award with Com Dev Space  (scoring 98% or more for OTD, Quality and Relationship). This accomplishment was achieved with an increase of business and complexity in work done. A fanatical approach to quality and continual improvement have been the backbone of change and progress making such an accomplishment possible. B&R would like to acknowledge and thank our team of dedicated employees who are helping develop B&R into a top Aerospace machining house.


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Synergy 601 is B&R’s modus operandi used to deliver ever improving value to our clients.



Please see our Capabilities page. Our conservative approach to growth allows us to ensure we have world class machines and the ability to focus on quality while running them.

We manufacture complex aerospace components that are "out of this world" and go there.

Our Team

B&R has amazing  professionals behind the scenes. Check us out.

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