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Consistent results in the context of continual improvement.


B&R seeks to consistently execute on clear contracts through accurate delivery, competitive price and high quality of machined components. Proactive communication is our cornerstone in going beyond the essentials of a contract to ensure a progressive, mutually beneficial client/supplier relationship. We achieve this through our direct, efficient and honest communication that customers have often cited as a reason B&R is considered for new lines of work that are complex and/or tightly controlled.


B&R understands that continual improvement is required to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. B&R embraces this culture through a systematized process that links our modes of communication (AS9100, E2 Shoptech, B&R Core values) to produce a synergistic effect that results in fulfilled contracts or in rare circumstances, aggressively investigates root cause of errors that reach the client. The results are consistent: we are a shop that is continually changed and always improving to suit our client’s specific needs.


B&R embraces the requirement and challenge of consistent quality as fundamental to working in the Aerospace Industry. Our “award winning” approach with quality is systematic in nature and highlighted by a group of employees committed to a culture of adhering to stringent processes. B&R thrives on being measured by results in quality, delivery and other client standards. We aggressively welcome this shared challenge: deliver consistent results to clients.


B&R is thankful that our clients value relationship with their suppliers. B&R has observed that price, quality, delivery and communication need to have an undergirding thread of a strong relationship to support problem solving, clarity of contracts and future opportunities. B&R has developed and grown to be an Aerospace Supplier because our clients embraced B&R relationally.


From a humble beginning in 2001 with only 5 employees (and wrapping parts in newspaper), to a “Canadian contender” for being a specialized Value Add Aerospace machine shop, B&R is proud of its heritage. Through continually listening, improving and holding strong to the ground gained, B&R is poised to create significant value for their clients.


Please see our Capabilities page. Our conservative approach to growth allows us to ensure we have world class machines and the ability to focus on quality while running them.

We manufacture complex aerospace components that are "out of this world" and go there.

Our Team

B&R has amazing  professionals behind the scenes. Check us out.

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