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In your analysis of determining risk of new suppliers, please consider that B&R is well versed in SMIP (Supplier Manufacturing and Inspection Plans) for low run, high complexity parts.  B&R is quite intimate with edge conditions, workmanship standards and deburing requirements that customers often are quite surprised to observe.


Newer Customers often cite "special requirements" that are causing real problems with their existing supply base that end up being routine processes for our highly specialized team. We understand customers are hesitant at first but, after their first order, there is a shared understanding that our abilities truly match their intense demands.

B&R Custom Machined Pieces CNC Produced  

B&R Custom Machining Facility Tour

Please see our Capabilities page. Our conservative approach to growth allows us to ensure we have world class machines and the ability to focus on quality while running them.

Synergy 601 is B&R’s modus operandi used to deliver ever improving value to our clients.



Our Team

B&R has amazing  professionals behind the scenes.

Check us out.


We Love Feedback

The feedback from our clients provides the building blocks of improvement that we take very seriously.

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