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Our commitment is to continually improve our work environment, compensation packages and other incentives to make B&R a career choice that is poised to advance your position. B&R believes machining complex parts is a thriving segment of the manufacturing industry with an excellent long-term outlook. It is in this context we desire to work with and develop employees: to position ourselves as the best option for customers and employees.


B&R desires to pursue excellence in the context of valuing employees. B&R has an internal document that explains the relationship between performance and valuing employees that gives the employee several ‘tools’ to resolve conflict, express their concerns and relate to others to ensure a culture that is focused on moving forward. You are welcome to read a copy of “How to Find Success Within B&R” if you would like to learn more about seeing if you would thrive in this environment.


B&R believes it is developing to be one of the region’s most prestigious places to work for talented machinists. Several of B&R’s machined products require a collaborative approach and strict monitoring to ensure parts are made to print. Talented machinists welcome this challenge as a change from repetition or simple parts. Employees are encouraged to use their skills in the context of learning and growth. A Mistake is viewed as a required learning experience. Machinists are encouraged to use the opportunity of working on challenging parts to broaden their skills, and therefore command higher rates of pay. B&R has created several win/win results for the company and employees as a result of this approach; we seek to build on this pattern.


B&R has several long term employees and several ‘returning’ employees. This speaks to our commitment to improve and learn; just as we encourage employees to do.

Our Amazing Team.

Our Awarding Team, Com Dev 2013. We are Gold.

 Deburring Stations

Our deburrers are trained to acheive 0.000"-0.005" chamfers and rads on all types of materials.

CMM Inspection
Experienced Machinists
B&R is always looking for talented employees open to feedback, learning and growth...please click here to see  our Current Opportunities.    




Financial Advisor



Finance Manager
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