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Are you looking to add value to B&R through your product or service?

B&R has developed several successful, mutually beneficial relationships with their suppliers. The approach with suppliers is the same with customers on many levels. Please review our “About Us” page for more details.


Specifically for suppliers:

B&R values supplier’s profits as a result of executed contracts. B&R often selects suppliers based on their capacity and commitment to build long term win-win relationships.


B&R is open to receiving the best service possible, and therefore existing suppliers know their performance is always subject to competition. This allows for existing suppliers to continually improve and grow with us, and allows new suppliers to have an opportunity to add value. If you feel your services can add value to B&R, please submit your line card to us.


If you have submitted your information, and have not been contacted, it is likely that B&R does not see your service adding value to our operation at that particular time. If you feel B&R is missing the opportunity, e-mail us again at and write “Reconsider” in the subject line.


Click here to view our Terms & Conditions.

Please see our Capabilities page. Our conservative approach to growth allows us to ensure we have world class machines and the ability to focus on quality while running them.

We Love Feedback

Feedback from our customers has continually shown that B&R has the passion and the dedication to go that extra mile to improve existing services and implement new ones.
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Our Team

B&R has amazing  professionals behind the scenes.

Check us out.


We manufacture complex aerospace components that are "out of this world" and go there.

Synergy 601 is B&R’s modus operandi used to deliver ever improving value to our clients.



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