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Synergy 601 is How We Add Value


Synergy 601 is B&R’s modus operandi used to deliver ever improving value to our clients. Essentially, Synergy 601 is a coordinated, timed and efficient stream of structured systems and processes facilitating and constraining focused employee efforts in which we produce accurate, complex results for an efficient price.

A demanding quality system that both creates parameters with specific processes, and demands for continual improvement, AS9100D QMS streamlines customers' parts through the shop while ensuring conformity to internal processes. A copy of our current certificate can be found here .


E2* is a shop management system that creates our work travelers that flow with each part. E2 has its capabilities and parameters established by AS9100D requirements and therefore acts as a tangible compliment to enforcing and tracking  our QMS performance. E2 collects essential data pertaining to each part and presents it for analysis, from which timely decisions can be made to further advance the part.

The scheduler leans in on the process engineer and E2 to ensure no hidden variables ‘snag’ our team causing costly downtime or missed variables. Optimizing spindle runtime and therefore efficiency and flow of parts, the scheduler plays a key role in using
B&R’s operational information parameters and other resources to ensure a true synergistic effect that is superior to individual components working independently. The scheduler is responsible for ensuring customers' deliveries, while trying to maximize spindle run-time.

Intimacy Liaison

Due to the complexity of parts, B&R often works with the Intimacy Liaison who helps direct the order of operations and ideal approach with taking on jobs. Working with Programmers, Deburrers, Machinists and Inspectors, the Intimacy Liaison compiles as many points of data to make the best decision possible.


Manufacturing Technology
B&R has discovered optimal investments lie in the balance of speed, quality and the customers' demand. Investing to do more in less time, and looking at customers' future needs presents both a challenge and opportunity for B&R. B&R has found high end equipment like Zeiss, Agie, Matsuura and OKUMA serve to accomplish this objective.

Coordination: B&R recognizes Synergy 601 does not work in an isolated vacuum. The efficient functioning of the interrelationships of each aspect of Synergy 601 presents the greatest challenge for B&R, and therefore the greatest opportunity. We meet this challenge head on. Our key tools to optimize efficiency listed in terms of progression:

   - Leadership that abandons egos and “status quo” to serve B&R and the clients
   - Create an environment where critiquing is welcomed as vital to our success

   - Remain both open to feedback, and seek out feedback
   - Continually review Synergy 601 for areas of improvement
   - Be eager to take responsibility
   - Be responsive to problem solving
   - Thankfulness for problems, then get radical (to the root) to solve them
   - Action an accurate, meaningful solution that solves the problem

Please see our Capabilities page. Our conservative approach to growth allows us to ensure we have world class machines and the ability to focus on quality while running them.

We Love Feedback

The feedback from our clients provides the building blocks of improvement that we take very seriously.

Our Team

B&R has amazing  professionals behind the scenes.

Check us out.


We manufacture complex aerospace components that are "out of this world" and go there.

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